Saturday, April 28, 2012

Message 2 my critics

I do respect other people's opinions. First I claim ownership of my vision and my message is for reasonable brothers, sisters, and others who understand my motives. I only want those who are serious about doing something about the condition facing our people that reside in American ghettos. That is my roots from where I came from and this is what my organization is about. I require absolute dedication and I will not lower my standard just to please man/ woman. "I, my, me" is just an excuse for others to just sit back and continue to complain and find fault with my approach. I know our people want to see something concrete but I am unable to provide something concrete at this time. This is why I wrote my story GRCAM is based on my personal experience.

We already know that the current situation or organizations out here is not working. GRCAM is my gift to those who will embrace my vision and help turn my vision into a reality. I refuse to kiss up to others in order for me to gain support that's why I took my story public to generate revenue and also recruit the best and brightest people in the United States to join my management team. I believe that I will have 30 people on my board of directors once my book become a best seller. GRCAM is a new system which must be understood in order for it to be effective. Yes I have over 3,000 people on my facebook friends list but I still only have three faithful people on my advisory board it's a start.

When I watched the documentary called "The End Of Poverty" as well as other books I read from my black studies course from back in the day of my college years I learned that In Africa the land is not controlled by native Africans but by outsiders who continue to profiteer In South Africa about 80% of the land is owned by a small minority group which is not originally from African.The majority of South African are without land ,and that makes it difficult for the Africans in South Africa to even produce their own food, which makes them depend on foreigners. True liberation will not happen if you are unable to own your own land. If you don’t control your land then you are powerless and you have no freedom. In 1994 South Africa ended apartheid not freedom, we cannot say they are free if the land of our forefathers is still in the hands of our oppressors. Most of our black people are landless and homeless while our oppressors are occupying our land. Those who are in government are just stewards for those who are controlling the land.  Our dress code, food, language, education, are base on European standards. Our black leaders are actors on behalf of Europeans/ financial elites. Africa is very rich, but her children are very poor as she does not control her wealth.  GRCAM is a democraatic socialist organization based on traditional African egalitarian society.

The End of Poverty

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