Thursday, December 18, 2008

(The Revolution Continues - 2009)

"I'M Starting A New Movement In Black America"

The Grass Roots Community Movement - unlike the Civil Right's Movement that

challenge institutionalize racism in America. Our focus is on challenges that face the

Black Community today. Gangs and Gun Violence, Unemplyment, Housing issues,

Poverty, Crime, Drugs, within the Community. We will still use the same principles which

was successful in the Civil Right's Movement that is using a non-violent approach.

All ethnic groups are welcome to join this movement but we will be using an Afrocentric

approach to deal with these problems. My Goal is to encourage those who live inside the

community to network with me from around the country. The primary goal is to organize

and unite the Black Community nationwide and break the shackles of proverty

in our inner city ghettos across the nation. My hope is that this movement can become a

national movement that will provide a unifying network that all existing black organizations

can use. I hope that I can network with people who are serious about the improvement

of impoverish neighborhoods by creating an all black organization with the desire

to improve the community based on my own personal philosophy. We will address the

self- destructive behaviors that generally manifest itself in our communities.

We will work with communities that lack resources. This movement is based on reducing

violence in all forms and provide a anti-violence plan. Gang prevention, job training

programs, apprenticeship programs, and after-school activities. Once I meet with all

the black leaders in the community and black businesses in Chicago I will then start a

Nonprofit organization starting in Chicago and eventually across the country that will

hire all those within the community that is under my leadership.

• Raise millions annually through a $3 per month parcel tax dedicated solely to gang

prevention and after-school programs. Funding will be used to provide vocational, job

training and apprenticeship programs.

• Expand and improve after-school programs including tutoring/mentoring in reading, math,

science, art and music instruction.

• Coordinate youth neighborhood cleanup programs, and graffiti removal.

• Mandate an a Citzen's Oversight Committee, ensuring accountablility and effectivness.

More over, I want ordinary people from within and outside the community and others

committed to educating our youth about the alternatives to violence, durgs, and especially

gun violence. Our mission is not to violate the second amendment rights of law-abiding

citizens, but to remove the guns from the hands of our youth, and criminals.

We must continue to advocate, and demand that our local,state, and government

officials that we have a serious gun violence epidemic in our communities.

These problems leads to both physical and emotional addictions

such as drug addiction & alcohol abuse, suicidal lifestyles.

This Movement will function as a facilitator. In time I would like to partner with out

reach ministries, advocacy groups within the community. I have created an expansion of this

group on two websites Yahoo & Google, where people can network with other individuals, and

organizations that are able to provide assistance and resources. Turning my visions into reality

by doing something and giving back to my community & my people. I ask The Lord what

can I do to help improve my community and uplift our people

nationwide read my up coming book to find the answer. Today in the Black low income

communities across this country is suffering. They suffer or have suffered from all types of

abuse. Overcoming these objections in life can be very difficult for anyone who have yet to learn

how to break the chains of poverty. This Grass Roots Community Movement is here to be the

bridge to women and men by letting them know that they are not alone. I want

to teach Black Women and Black Men to acknowledge themselves as

powerful beings. To teach our Brothers and Sisters to loved, honored and

respect themselves. Acknowledge that what they did yesterday doesn't have to

be what they are today. This is what GOD has given me to do and everything

he brought us through is for a purpose.

On my Web Journal you will find Legal Referrals, Careers, Food and Clothing

Assistance, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, Education and Skills Training,

Housing and Shelter Referrals. Spiritual Counseling and Mentoring. Again This is

geared toward the Black Community. My purpose and intent is to uplift our People and improve

our inner city low income - high crime communities and hire all that want to work for my

organization. I would encourage more Black business owners to open /keep their

businesses in the hood. In addition, we must hold our elected officials

your mayor, your governor, and your state representatives accountable for not

improving the conditions in our communities too. All we have to do is

circulate a petition and have people to sign it around your community and then

send a copy to your elected officials about what your community is

lacking and if your petition is ignored just vote those persons out of office. But

we need people to be involved, to be a registered voter. We have an

opportunity to improve the lives of others in this country as long as we use this

technology effectively. It's up to you if you want to be apart of this great vision that the Lord

has given me to share with the Black Community. I don't want to hide behind a computer in

time I want to be out in the field and start this organization after I complete the

book. I want to meet everyone who have join this movement. If you are really serious about

joining this movement then the first thing you need to do is buy my book and then register to

join the Web Group. God has allowed me to share my Web Journal which has plenty of resources

and referrals for those of you who don't have those support systems in your area.

God bless you all who are privilege with having access to the Internet; who have

also allowed me into your life. In order to join my online group you must share the same

values & beliefs that is we are each others keeper. Everyone will be screen to avoid trouble

makers who want anything more then to see us divided and fighting among each other.

Online Group:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Will Anyone Out There Heed 2 The Call?

The Struggle To Find Real Brothers & Sisters That Share My Vision: To Improve Black

Impoverished Neighborhoods In This Country Dear Brothers & SistersI would first like to thank

all of you for accepting my hand of friendship. As 2008 comes near an end, I would like to remind

you all that we as a people have made history again by electing the first Black President of The

United States "President Elect Barack Obama."I urge you all to have patient while President

Elect Obama tackle the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.If change can happen in

the highest office in the land then surely change can also happen in the inner city ghettos across

this country. I agree with President Barack Obama that government can't solve everything we

as American citizens must take responsibility for things we can control within our communities. I

need those of you who are serious and interested in assisting me in leading the fight to Reclaim,

Rebuild, and Restore our impoverished inner city ghettos to stand with me. I feel so honored to

have new members which joined my other group "Light OF The World Inspirational Group." I

am constantly inspired by how many lives they touch online and offline. I still have an open

invitation to my other group "The Grass Roots Community Movement" I would be nice if you all

would join either group but if not would you at least purchase my new book?Another way you

can help is by telling all of your friends, family members, and your neighbors, to purchase my

new book which will be completed by next spring 2009. In this book I will share my personal

experience growing up in the hood. I will provide recommendations to Black Leaders, and Black

Businesses within the community. If the community stand behind me and support this cause I

can then move from behind the computer and create my Non-profit organization that will give

jobs to every person in the community that needs an honest paying job. I will hire you. If you

don't have any skills I will train you. Ask me how? Buy the book to find the answer. One of the

major problem we have is that we don't support Black Businesses. My organization will hire only

those within the community. For example, just like the business owners of Chinese franchises

they hire their own, Mexican Americas hire there own for day labor and landscaping

industry.Like wise I to will hire only those who are from the immediate community. This is the

major reason why other groups are so successful. My book will address the many circumstances

that often lead to unemployment, health problems, and housing instability in our community. In

time, once we get ourcommunity in order then I would reach out to others outside of our

community and assist them with there struggles.My whole purpose for being online is to spread

my message to as many Brothers and Sisters as possible. I share all of my online resources for

those who would like to use them. For example, I share my Web Journal which has all kinds of

information from college scholarships / grants, Housing information around the country, and

Employment information. All I ask in return was that you all would exchange emails with me and

alsojoin one of my online groups so that you can network with others across the country. Change

in the hood will not come from local politicians whose lives have never been touched by poverty.

Change in the hood can only come from within the community. We are all interconnected, when

our children succeed, when our families are healthy, our community become stronger.In this day

and age we all need to take precaution. Before I admit anyone in my group I will screen them

first. Just because a person have dark skin and a nice smile does not mean that they are truly

supportive of the uplifting of our people there are devils in every race. Let's make our new

President proud by joining this new movement. Matthew 25:31-45Web

Web Group: "The Grass Roots Community Movement"