Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Black Education Pt.2 (The 400 Years of slavery in the Americas)

Black Education Pt.2 (The 400 Years of slavery in the Americas)

After 400 years of oppression no wonder why it’s so difficult for me to gather genuine support for my cause among our people. The goal of GRCAM is to work with those who believe in my vision on uniting our people one city one state at a time in order to provide goods and services to our people that are trapped in American ghettos. If  a white person wrote the same book as me they would be received by the black community with open arms. In GRCAM we will crush the Willie Lynch mentality and heal from the scars of slavery. I know that  all of our people will not join this organization and that’s find but I will only hire those who are willing to work with me in carrying out this mission. GRCAM is my contribution back to my community and to our people nationwide. If it was up to me GRCAM would have been up and running twenty years ago but people have free will and I respect that.

GRCAM will provide legitimate jobs in the hood to those who will receive my message. GRCAM in itself will offer a great opportunity for our middle class, our working class, and our underclass brothers and sisters as well as others who will help meet the need of the community we plan to serve. It’s my hope that through my books that my message will reach the right people I seek to help me manage this organization before I move from behind a computer. Most of all I thank my creator in assigning me this great vision he has placed in my life and I will do my best at making GRCAM an effective successful business venture for years to come and in time expand to the African continent, Brazil, and the Caribbean Islands.

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