Monday, April 9, 2012

Current Black Issues In 2012

Will George Zimmerman get away with murder? I predicted that if the case went to trial that Zimmerman would be found not guilty by his peers and that would cause a race riot like LA riot in 1992.  More cases like this will continue because we as black people are too divided.  So many of our people are killed in Chicago alone and this why I have been pushing my online organization on several websites for the past 20 years in hopes of getting others to work with me in my cause "Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos" starting in Chicago. I have very few supporters working with me thats why I wrote my book and plan on making a movie too. 

I need my middle class brothers and sisters to be on my management team so that we can deliver goods and services that I speak of in my book. Yes I am very frustrated that I can't get others in my own town to work with me because established black organizations in the hood view me as a potental competitor. I will continue to use social media until I get my child daycare business started or until my book becomes a best seller then I can bypass these close minded negros who careless about our people's pain and suffering nationwide.​2012/04/09/​students-shut-down-sanford-poli​ce-station-in-march-for-trayvo​n-martin/

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