Wednesday, June 2, 2010

(Manwell On The Scene: Ready Or Not Here I Come)

Dear friends & associates

I have tried to share my vision in my former neighborhood back in ninety one but they refuse to heed my messages. As a result I began creating online groups on various social networks. Today I have laid out my vision in book form for all reasonable brothers, sisters, and others not only in my city but across the nation. In our increasingly hi-tech society, people are exposing these con artist who inflate their stock holders earnings "Wall Street CEOs."

I am asking you all for a chance by networking with me directly I am serious than cancer in trying to get my nonprofit organization started. I am in the process of obtaining my 1023 tax exempt status. I am still lacking a board of directors. Yes my enemies would love nothing more than to see me fail in my mission to end the genocide of our brothers and sisters who are trapped in American ghettos due to man made conditions called structural inequality. I tried to get on the Oprah show to promote my book but her employees told me she is booked for the season.

I ask for no donations until I have an official place of business. Where are my professional Christian friends? Where are my secular friends? Where are my brothers and sisters? All I want at this time is for you all to purchase my new book "The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, and Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America." As a Christian Socialist I can not allow the community I came from to continue to be economically, socially, and culturally isolated. I want to educate my people and others about democratic socialism. I also want to create jobs and bring businesses into the hood but I need you all to work with me and agree

with the principles I outlined in my book. Yes I write long messages because you all don't respond. Besides I want you all to know that I am on the up and up you should never sign any forms with out carefully reading what is written that's why the American Indians lost their land. If you are unable to afford my book ask one of your friends, family members or friendly neighbor to get it for you. If you still are unable to find someone who will get the book for you than please read all of my journal entries and if you are to where I stand then join one of my online groups or social networks that I am on and send me a friend request along with your first name and contact number and I will work with you directly.

I did not set the prices my publisher did if I could just find other like minded individuals like me then we can turn this whole bias system around. For now all I can do is hope and pray to my higher power that he would send me professionals from around this country to heed my message and come here to Chicago and begin this new chapter in Black America. Here's my google profile which list the various online book stores my book is on as well as the prices. choose the book store that will fit your budget.

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