Monday, May 31, 2010

(Manwell: Hood Liberator)

Dear friends & associates:

This is Emmanuel Barbee I am a new urban author of "The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, and Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America." Thus far I have sold only fifty books which is far less than what I expected to achieve by using online bookstores. Out of 125,000 people that I network with on various social networks on a weekly basis surely more books should have been sold what's wrong with this picture? Please don't wait until I am dead to make this book a best seller.

Again the purpose of my book and my nonprofit organization is to create a new movement in Black America. The proceeds from my book would allow me to purchase my own place of business and hire my future staff to help me run this organization "The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement." My organization begins where The Civil Rights Movement left off which was "The Poor People's Campaign."

The goal is for me to create jobs and new businesses in the hood to reduce the genocide of our people that are trapped in American ghettos. I want to put an end to the genocide in the black ghettos by offering legitimate jobs to our youths as an alternative to the drug game. My higher power has instructed me to move from behind the scenes and share my personal story in book form with those who want to be part of the solution. I am not a preacher my task is to provide employment and offer spiritual guidance to those who would like to receive those services. Every person that join this movement must accept the principles behind this movement no exceptions. To learn more about the principles you have to read the book. For accountability and creditability purposes no active criminals, no active gang members, and no half steppers allowed.

Attention Chicago land residents: I am currently working on establishing my nonprofit organization in Chicago first from the proceeds I earn from my book. In time I hope to expand it to every ghetto in America God willing. I am looking for dedicated brothers, sisters, and others to join my board of directors. The positions that are currently available are vice president, officers, secretary; and a treasurer. In addition, I prefer if you have at least a two year college degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Law social work; grant writers, ministers; and other professionals.

Those of you who are currently looking for employment consider working for me? People from all over the country are welcome to join us and assist me in getting this organization up and running. All you have to do is purchase my book and e-mail me your first name and a contact number for me to call you. Once my book start selling and my organization is officially up and operating I am willing to work with you and your immediate family members for life as long as you remain cool with me and keep the lines of communication open with me that's just how I do.

Please read my latest journal entries "Manwell: Legacy Builder In Progress" and "Real Talk: Manwell's Rescue Plan" to learn more in depth about me and my vision for Black America and America In general. Those of you who are uninterested in black issues no love lost you can delete me from your friends list we can remain strangers. The following links below will direct you to specific information that will help you find my online books, and my online groups.

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My Google Profile: I provide the links to the online book stores that carry my book (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Xlibris) It should also be available at major book stores too. I suggest that you compare the different prices and select the one that best fit your budget.

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