Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Real Talk: Manwell's Rescue Plan

(Real Talk: Manwell's Rescue Plan)

Dear friends & associates

This is the speech I was trying to post on You Tube I am having trouble with my webcam. I will keep trying so that others in cyberspace can heed my message and purchase my book and my organization. I may not be the best speaker like others in the public sector but action speaks louder than words and I can back up everything I say to the fullest.

I need you all to come on board and support my new book entitled "The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, and Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America." The purpose of this book is to share my personal experience in the hood and also to share my political views. In addition, I want to promote my nonprofit faith based organization which will create jobs in the hood. Let me give you five reasons why you should purchase my book.

1. You will learn in depth about how my organization will improve the conditions in the ghetto.

2. You will have an opportunity to join my community activist group online. This will allow you to interact with other like minded individuals from around the country who also want to improve the conditions in their community.

3. You would be contributing to the solution and with the proceeds from the book I can begin moving towards finding a facility to operate from instead of siting behind a computer screen.

4. This will be a deterrent to reduce violent crime in the Black Community.

5. Finally, it will make my vision of Black America into a reality because we would put an end to the genocide in American ghettos. To many innocent men, women, and children are slaughtered by senseless violence. If we don't stand up for our brothers and sisters who are trapped in American ghettos who will?

Black progression in this country has come about due to The Civil Rights Movement, legal action, and political struggle. Our country has made some major improvements like accepting and electing our first Black President Barack Obama. In my book I explain how capitalism and classism had affected me on a personal level. My message is aimed at reasonable brothers, sisters, and others who really want to get involved with solving our social conditions at the community level.

My organization is geard toward providing resources to single Black mothers and single Black fathers who reside in the ghetto. Another function my organization will provide services for at-risk youths. Such as after school programs, part time employment for older teens, tutorial services, and parenting classes. My organization is open to all racial groups. However, everyone must accept the principles behind this movement no exceptions. This is an authentic Black organization because we are going to finish where The Civil Rights's Movement left off which was actually the poor people's campaign.

We are going to applie the same principle's that Dr.King used for this day and age. I call upon all grass roots organizations to work with us and share your expertise with us so that we can build up our impoverished community that lack basic resources. I call upon the Asian Community, The Hispanic Community, and The White Working Class Community to help us and support our cause and in turn we will support your cause once our businesses are up and running. Most of all I ask for The Black Middle Class Community to work with me and allow me to make this a successful organization for many years to come.

I was once trapped in the ghetto but I had to leave because few people in the hood wanted to hear my vision on how we can Reclaim, Rebuild, and Restore The Urban Ghetto. I was a victim gang violence, I was mug a few times and I just had it with the senseless violence. My higher power gave me the road map on how to end poverty in America, on how to end gun violence in the inner city and beyond. Finally, my higher power gave me the vision on how to end structural inequality once and for all.

The Black Middle Class have benefited the most from The Civil Rights's Movement while the masses remain in the hood. You all have the professionals I need to run this organization. Capitalism divided us by class and we are further divided based on religion. To my secular friends, my job is not to impose my religion upon you I just want to create jobs in the hood and establish businesses so that we all can share that American dream.

In contrast, to my Christian friends it is my hope and desire that we can work together regardless of denomination. I will be using a spiritual component for those who want to grow stronger in their faith. I am also willing to work with Muslims too because they are part of our community as well. In this organization we won't compete against one another but instead pool our resources together in order to improve our community. The contributing factors that are making the situation worse are failing schools, the drug problem, lack of community investment from the business community, lack of community resources, generational poverty, and good old American capitalism.

The Great Society of the 1960s did not achieve its goal to eliminate poverty and forty years of government solutions towards that end had only exacerbated the problem. My organization aim is to end poverty in this country once and for all.I would like for my organization to be set up here in Chicago first then I want to expand to every ghetto in America. I would like to find people who would be interested in being on my board of directors.

All of my board members are required to purchase my book. I am looking for individuals who have at least a 2 year degree or above to sit on my board of directors. I need a vice president, officers, secretary, and a treasurer. I also need volunteers and people with back grounds in business administration, accounting, law students, and grant writers.

I want my board members to sign a form stating that I have veto power on all decisions being made as it pertains to the business aspect. We promise to conduct our work that is pleasing to the community we serve and to our investors who will assist us in fulfilling this great cause.
We will offer resources to single Black mothers and single Black fathers who reside in the hood.

The Grass Roots Community Activist movement aim is to encourage entrepreneurship in disadvantage black communities. It is our goal to provide experienced business mentors to run our mentoring program for at-risk youths. We will offer seminars and workshops on various topics. I believe that creating local businesses in the hood is the best way to start a local economy and make an improvement in the hood.

In time our organization will tackle a wide range of services across the board such as providing residential substance abuse rehabilitation programs, homeless shelters to the poor, at-risk youth programs; before and after school child care programs; food distribution centers; parenting support programs. I believe that as a results of our services

* It would increase academic performance among students due to improve social environment

* Reduction in jobless due to restored hope and new opportunities to serve

* New business established due to improved neighborhood attitude

* Increased home values due to elevated community standard

In the long run our community would improve our economy and our families. The goal of my organization is to reduce crime, improve test scores and improve our local economy. We want to create stability in the ghetto. I am open to partnership with religious organization just as long as we can keep our identity. We would set bench marks to measure our progress and goals.

My organization will have accountability and creditability among the community we serve. No active criminals, no active gang members, and no half steppers allowed. If my book can help 300,000 Black families trapped in American ghettos than my book was not in vain.

Finally, my book attempts to answer a 400 year old problem and that is American capitalism. I love my country don't get me wrong we have a democracy and we have the right principles in place but I believe that we are under the wrong political system. I am a Christian Socialist and I believe that our last struggle in this country is for us to united with our other fellow Americans who are sick and tired of both the Republican party and the Democratic party both have been in existence since slavery. It's time for America to become a Democratic Socialist country and I explain why in my book.

Those who accept the principles behind this movement I will work with you and your immediate family members for life as long as you keep the lines of communication open and you remain cool with me. I strongly recommend that you read the entire book first before you decide to join this cause. After you have read the book and you are in agreement with me all you have to do next is e-mail me your first name and your contact number. I provided my e-mail for your convenience. This is my contribution back to my community and my people. The stakes are enormous and only grass roots actions will determine the outcome. If we are doing our job, hurting people will see that there is a God because they will see our good deeds performed in his name.

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