Friday, June 11, 2010


Dear friends & associates

I hope to be finish with gathering all of my documents to submit to my state and gain a tax-exempt status hopefully by next week God willing. Except one thing I don't have anyone in Chicago on my board of directors. My own kind would rather find fault in what I am trying to do instead of working with me to make this a successful effective organization for our youth and others in the hood. If Illegal immigrates can gain support from their own to help them become U.S. citizen's why can't we as Black People support real brothers like me and my cause to create jobs in the hood and bring businesses to our brothers and sisters who are trapped in American ghettos?

My nonprofit organization "The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement" begin where The Civil Rights Movement ended "The Poor People's Campaign." Of course, under capitalism I need funding in order to hire my future staff and provide services in the hood. In time I hope to attract professionals with backgrounds in Business Administration, Accounting, Law students, and grant writers from all over the country to come here to Chicago and assist me in getting this organization up and running. In time I plan on having this organization in every major city in America. My goal is as follows:

* To create jobs in the hood for both at-risk youths and for ex-felons.

* To provide resources for Black single mothers and Black single fathers in the areas of after school programs for their children, and employment training.

* To educate the community about Democratic Socialism.

* Provide drug treatment program.

* Offer inter-faith services.

Because we don't see working class blacks and underclass blacks as part of our group. Class-ism, Racism, and Capitalism has totally affected our sense of togetherness. My organization mission is to Reclaim, Rebuild, and Restore not only the urban ghettos in America but also our culture as a whole. Let me give you five reasons why you should purchase my book.

1. You will learn in depth about how my organization will improve the conditions in the ghetto.

2. You will have an opportunity to join my community activist group online. This will allow you to interact with other like minded individuals from around the country who also want to improve the conditions in their community.

3. You would be contributing to the solution and with the proceeds from the book I can begin
moving towards finding a facility to operate from instead of siting behind a computer screen.

4. This will be a deterrent to reduce violent crime in the Black Community.

5. Finally, it will make my vision of Black America into a reality because we would put an end to the genocide in American ghettos. To many innocent men, women, and children are slaughtered by senseless violence. If we don't stand up for our brothers and sisters who are trapped in American ghettos who will?

Black progression in this country has come about due to The Civil Rights Movement, legal action, and political struggle. Our country has made some major improvements like accepting and electing our first Black President Barack Obama. In my book I explain how capitalism and classism had affected me on a personal level. My message is aimed at reasonable brothers, sisters, and others who really want to get involved with solving our social conditions at the community level.

This is my contribution back to my community and my people. The stakes are enormous and only grass roots actions will determine the outcome. If we are doing our job, hurting people will see that there is a God because they will see our good deeds performed in his name. My book "The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, and Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America." is now available to the public at:

It's also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble. To see each online bookstore along with the different prices choose the one that may fit your budget on my Google profile at:

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