Thursday, June 17, 2010

Manwell: Ready For Action

Dear friends & associates

I am please to announce that I have submitted my documentation to my state authorities for my nonprofit organization. I am grateful for my online partners for steppen up and being on my advisory board. I personally believe that the reason why I lack support from those in my own city is because of one simple fact competition. All I can do now is hope and pray that my state would approve my organization. My aim is to make my organization a multi-million dollar corporation just like the Good Will and The Salvation Army. I don't operate like the next man I am a no non-sense type of guy and I will not put up with foolishness period.

I am seeking reasonable brothers, sisters, and others who are interested in those of you who care about improving our community "The Black Community" to contact me by leaving me a message on here with your first name, or by joining one of my online groups. In turn I will send you my personal contact information and answer any or all of your questions that you may have. I will select the best people online to come to Chicago and assist me in getting my organization up and running. This is what I discuss in my book and this is the main reason I wrote my story to lay out a road map to end poverty in America starting with the Ghetto.

I am an authentic Black Man with a plan and my goal is to help 300,000 families that are trapped in American Ghettos. All I ask is that you make yourself known to me and let's work together to help our people live in better condition after all it was our ancestors that built the wealth for this country. Those who hate what I talk about all you have to do is delete me from your friends list no love lost we can remain strangers. Eventually your kids will read my book and may ask you did you take part in Emmanuel's organization to end poverty in America, to end gun violence in the inner city and beyond and to end structural inequality in America? My vision will come to pass American Capitalism will come to an end. Democratic Socialism is part of the solution. The Solution for Black America and America in general is "The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement." Look I want to interact with all of you who have accepted my hand of friendship. Please read at least five journal entries to learn more about me, my book; my organization; and my online groups on previous
journal entries below.