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My Case

(Again I am asking my professional brothers and sisters to work with me as it pertains to my book and my organization GRCAM)?

I am asking all of my cyber friends/ associates who are authors; journalist; those with media experience; and our black professionals to assist me in finding a literary agent who will connect me with a good publisher that will my new book the second edition. “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America.” This time around I am willing to do book tour until my book becomes a best seller. It’s my goal in time to have my book turn into a movie to reach the masses and that my vision will be well understood. It’s easy to just sit back and find fault with my approach. So what makes my book so special?


The book I propose, is an auto-biography about my personal experience growing up in the inner city of Chicago. Experience is the best teacher and I am the best qualified person to write this book as it pertains to my own experience. I wrote The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America.”  To first raise awareness about the senseless violence taken place in Chicago ghettos. I also wrote this book to promote my organization. "The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement" It has three main components: a social service component, a spiritual component, and a political component. The platform of my book is based on my vision in which my creator has given me on how to end gun violence, poverty, and structural inequality in Urban America and in America in general. Finally, I wrote this book to generate revenue to start working on the major projects I discuss in chapter eleven such as starting the child daycare business as well as starting an alternative school on both the Westside and Southside of Chicago.

The revenue from my book sells will help me offer incentives to attract talented people I need on my board of directors/ management team. I don’t operate like the next man I have my own style. If given a chance my organization will end gun violence, poverty, and structural inequality only if the community we tend to serve will accept all of the principles in my book. We will only assist those who want our services. The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement is a democratic socialist organization. I am here to talk with you man to man, man to woman about my book, my cause, and my organization. Some people take me for joke and think I am trying to save the world not so. I am only interested in working with communities and families that want and will utilize our services. What is it about my story that is causing many literary agents to reject my book proposal? Is it because GRCAM will start the second reconstruction era in America? Or is it that my story will challenge capitalism head on and those with the power to print my story would rather over look my message?

Why GRCAM is the solution for Black America? Imagine what our community nationwide would look like if GRCAM became a reality. Poverty and structural inequality would end because everyone would have equal access to resources. Gun violence will cease because we will send a strong signal to urban terrorist, rogue cops, or anyone found guilty in the court of law of a gun crime that resulted in the death of another person, the perpetrator will be strip of their U.S. citizenship and be deported to the North Pole. We will provide them with three months of food and that’s it. We will make excepts in the law as it pertains to someone protecting their home from a home invasion. Career criminals and the financial elites will be out of business because the middle class, the working class and the underclass will finally understand the benefits of democratic socialism once and for all. We will fulfill Dr. Kings dream to end poverty and structural inequality in America. GRCAM will create innovative strategies and provide the ground work to reach new generations about Christian socialism. GRCAM is open to all Christians, Muslims, and Secular people. GRCAM is also open to other racial groups. However, everyone must accept the vision and all of the principles in my book. One mind one voice.

Here's an outline of my book: Annotated Table of Contents
About The Author
Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter One: My Testimony

This book begins with my experience living in the black ghetto/ the hood, and how I was
illegally removed from my home and thrust into the foster care system and the abuse that I

Chapter Two: Freedom

I explain about my return to my family and my experience living in the hood and my ordeal
trying to survive in a hostile environment during my teen years. Hearing stories about my friends
and neighbors being beaten or killed on a daily basis.

Chapter Three: On Faith

In chapter three I explain what Christian socialism means to me and about my personal
relationship with my creator as well as the vision he has given me in spiritual terms. I also
discuss my experience growing up in the black church and the problem with black church today.

Chapter Four: The Black Community

I do a self analysis about the conditions facing the black community and what we can do
collectively to solve our social problems by using GRCAM as a new method to solve our issues
once and for all.

Chapter Five: Leveling The Playing Field

I discuss how institutionalized racism and structural inequality has played a role in robbing the
urban community and how public education, real estate companies, and insurance companies
have influence the social conditions in the black ghettos in this day and age.

Chapter Six: The Drug Problem

I explain how we can effectively solve most or all of the drug problem in our neighborhood and

in our country.

Chapter Seven: My Political Views

I provide my own personal political views on how to confront gun violence, poverty, and
structural inequality in America and how we can collectively change our city and state laws. I
discuss why African Americans and others should join the Grass Roots Community Activist
Movement. I express my personal views about capitalism and give a complete history and
definition of it as well as democratic socialism.

Chapter Eight: The Right Path

This is my message to generation Y and young adults to see the value of joining The Grass Roots

Community Activist Movement.

Chapter Nine: The Talk

I discuss STD’s the history of sexually transmitted disease in America.

Chapter Ten: The Plan/ The Road Map

This is the most important chapter in the book because I lay out all of the principles that

everyone must accept in order for the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement to be
effective under capitalism.

Chapter Eleven: Hood Awakening

I discuss my vision of a better society in which all of us can reach our life goals without

continuing being victims of the system.

My Organization GRCAM:

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