Tuesday, May 1, 2012

(Can Black America Understand My Vision)?

We are halfway into 2012  and still I only have three people on my advisory board that’s not acceptable. Our black leaders have blood on their hands they have fail to protect our forgotten people that reside in American ghettos. I correspond with 125,000 people from 300 social networks doing my best to start a positive movement among our people. I have created You Tube Videos into to spread my vision among our people. I have created free online groups to unite my cyber friends and supporters from around the globe to interact with me and one another but few have joined.  I have wrote my story in order to gain creditability and still my book sells are low. If  not for those innocent men women and children who are victims of senseless violence I would have left my vision alone twenty years ago.  All of these so called Christians that I have been reaching out to have also refuse to work with me in getting my organization up and running to help solve our social problems once and for all. Ask me why?  Because our black leaders are receiving funding from the financial elites in the form of  501 (c)(3).  I had to shut down my nonprofit in Chicago because of lack of support from our people. Now my organization is for profit and it’s privately own by me. I refuse to accept blood money and I will continue to hold high standards with anyone that decides to join GRCAM.

Heavenly father of the universe thank you for given me this great vision to share with others. As you state in your word faith without works is dead I am doing my best to assemble a talent team to help me carry out the mission you have given me to do. I still lack thirty people who will work with me directly in order for GRCAM to come to past. Our people are going through unnecessary suffering because our leaders have fail to stand up for all of our people as we once did during Dr. King’s era.  Touch the hearts and minds of those who claim my friendship to purchase and read my story that you have allowed me to write. Let them understand that I am a true Christian socialist and that the principles in my book came from you. How long must our forgotten people in American ghetto and in the slums of Africa must suffer I am ready to lead and create employment for those who accept my vision. Send me my 30 people in the United State this year. Send me investors who will see the value of the great work that GRCAM is trying to do for society and humanity. Most of all remove all those who only want to be seen from my profile and from my life.

A true Christian socialist is on the scene and I am not here for a popularity contest I am here to recruit the best and bright people to help me run my organization. We will end gun violence in America. We will fulfill Dr. King’s dream to end poverty and structural inequality in America. We will provide employment to all of our clients and members. We will expand GRCAM into the real estate business; restaurant business; grocery stores; and private schools all within the ghetto. We will start our own political party (the democratic socialist party). We will expand GRCAM on the African continent, Brazil, and the Caribbean Islands. In Jesus name.

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