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The Voice OF Reason: My Message Is For Intelligent People

The Voice OF Reason: My Message Is For Intelligent People

In 2012 Black America including myself will come out in the millions to re-elect President Obama. My question is what has President Obama done for Black America other than being the first black President in the United States? Here I am trying to start a positive movement in Black America which focus on the black community and the black family and yet I lack support from black organizations in Chicago. I’m not waiting on God for he has given me the vision to end gun violence in America I am waiting on you to read my book agree with my vision and all of the principles behind this movement and if you can come to Chicago and join my board of directors or my advisory board so that this organization can become successful and effective for the community we tend to serve.

GRCAM - The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement is in a class all by itself because our focus is not on senseless debates but rather on getting results. This is a Democratic Socialist Organization and a private organization. This is not for everyone you must agree with all of our principles and sign a consent form so that we speak with one voice. IF anyone is caught with trying to sabotage this organization and it can be proven there name and their photo ID will be placed on our Judas list and they shell be barred for life and we may take legal action against them too. I seek ordinary people that has a voice but is not being heard in the media nor in established black organizations who claim they represent the people interest. My first goal is to find others who agree with my vision to be on my board of directors in order to turn my vision into a reality. Our other goal is to unite our people middle class, working class, and under class as well as other non blacks to assist us in solving the many issues facing the black community and the black family.

Once GRCAM is established I want us to expand to every ghetto in America. I encourage Christians and Muslims to join us as well as Secular people to join this organization too. GRCAM is not about Imposing our spiritual beliefs on others that’s between you and your maker. But we will offer a spiritual component in this organization. We will create our own political party at the local level and vote them into office at the local level in order to change our local gun laws. I will talk individually with members to be sure they are meeting their life goals. I'm ready to move (GRCAM) The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement from behind a computer into my former community. Those of you who you have Skype, my screen name is manwell4mankind. For those of you who have Yahoo Instant Messager we can chat live instead of all this typing back and forth. You must have a built in microphone otherwise you may have to get a computer microphone from Walmart or Bestbuy. If you have a webcam we can do video chat too. Just send me your name and email or number to my inbox and I will contact you. Action speaks louder than words make yourself known to me.

I don’t give inspirational speeches that plays on people’s emotions rather I do Real Talk I can’t sugar coat GENOCIDE. Genocide means the systematic and planned extermination of an entire racial, political, or ethic group. I hold black organizations in Chicago that decline to partner with me or dismiss my claim to end gun violence in Chicago accountable for the senseless violence that has taken place in our community for over 20 years. I want those ideas in my book to become reality not just in my community or just Chicago but in every ghetto in America. GRCAM is based on business level and also on a personal level. I want to connect with every family or clientele that uses our services by having them meet with me once a month to see if they are meeting their personal life goals. As long as they are not trying to run game and remain on the up and up with me I will work with them for life. Again we're not buggin we will only assist those who want our services. As it pertains to guns people in da hood deserve to live with dignity and stability not in an urban war zone. GRCAM will if I can get them create a black own employment center in da hood.

We are going to reconnect with our roots and heal from the scars of slavery and capitalism. We will not partner with every black organization out there because of their hidden agendas no one took me serious for twenty years and all of a sudden Black America will want to work with us ain’t happen. GRCAM is for ordinary black people that have no political power and others who agree with our vision and have signed a consent form as it pertains to business matters. I am going to do my best to get my alternative school up and running by 2012 in order to work directly with single black mothers and single black fathers that are trapped in American ghettos. My goal is to create legitimate jobs in my former community first then expand this organization in every ghetto in America. IF I am unsuccessful at recruiting 30 black or 30 non black professionals by the end of December than I will focus on recruiting 30 people in the United States without degrees that have read my book and agree with my vision and all of the principles to join my advisory board in order to make GRCAM effective. If you are unable to afford my book then I strongly recommend that you read all of my journal entries and if you agree send me your name and number to my inbox and I will contact you. At the same time encourage your family friends and associates who are interested in black issues and can afford my book to purchase my book. Peace and blessings

My prayer request:

Oh creator of the universe thank you for giving me the vision to end gun violence in America. I have done my best at promoting the vision by publishing my life story in book form in order to bypass closed minded people and reach reasonable brothers sisters and others to join this cause. Next month will mark 20 years of me sharing my vision with others. I’ve been rejected by the church and by black organizations in Chicago. Oh Lord touch the hearts and minds of landlords from my former community to provide rental space for me to start my alternative school sometime next year if thou will. You say in your word (Mat18:19) If two agree than you are in the midst of them. I ask you to remove those who reject the vision you have given me for in your word (II Cor 6:14-18) Be ye not unequally yorked together with unbelievers. In (Hosea 4:6) My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

The wealthy perpetuate poverty by keeping the public uninformed about how the elites exclude the public from good investments this is one way they maintain their status. You must have a net worth of $1 million to qualify as an accredited investor in order to have access to private investments. People are dying of sickness and disease because they can’t afford healthcare, food and gas prices are controlled by the elites who run this system called capitalism (Eph 6:12) and (II Tim 3:1-9).

I have an alternative to these problems but first I need others who agree with GRCAM to help me turn my vision into reality otherwise the same problems will continue for next 100 years. Once GRCAM end gun violence in America our next task is to fulfill Dr. King’s dream of ending poverty and structural inequality in America. Once we have achieve that goal then we will expand GRCAM to Africa and to the Caribbean Islands as well as other countries that want freedom from Capitalism. Prove to my enemies that you have sent me to liberate those who receive my message and my services that reside in American ghettos. People have a right to reject this cause and live in misery and despair. People also have a right to reject your son. People have a right to go to hell it’s about free will and I come to stand against American Capitalism. God hate sin I hate Capitalism.

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