Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Real Black People Stand Up With Me & Let's Turn GRCAM Into Reality For The Sake OF Our People

GRCAM 20 Years In The Making. Next month will mark 20 yrs of me trying to get others involved with my organization. I have decided that 19 years waiting on the black church and black organizations in Chicago will not happen that’s why I published my book last year. I will be using two fronts one is to push my book. I am asking those of you who are good at selling to assist me in getting my sold. IF I could sell 500 books it will be on the best seller’s list and then others will take my cause seriously. My second front will be to recruit 30 people in the United States to help me to run my alternative school up and running by next year. All a brother can do is try our people have become totally disconnected as a result of capitalism I have mind you get yours. GRCAM will be that substitute father for single black mothers and vice versa for single black fathers that are trapped in American ghettos.

My Book Ad.

New Urban Author & New Hood Visionary Mr. Emmanuel Barbee. I am prevented from speaking on college campus to promote my story and to make a living from my work ask me why? Because I address the main root of the problem in Black America that is capitalism. Others are allowed to voice their opinion we do have a right to free speech. Black capitalist would love nothing more than for me to just go away. I have the answer to end gun violence in America you see that the current way is not working why not give me a chance? I am seeking 30 professionals in the United States who agree with my vision and all of my principles in the book to send me their name and number to my inbox before the end of this year.

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