Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why Black America And America In General Needs GRCAM?

One of  GRCAM objective is to point out the way of salvation to those whose are lost in sin. To help mankind of all races receive total deliverance and to be of support by way of a maintenance program. To work in concert with parents in the nurturing of their children and to help bring restoration to marital and family relationships. To help couples understand their respective roles as described in the Word of God. To promote the gospel of Jesus Christ and salvation by grace through faith and not of works. To minister to the total man by addressing the spiritual as well as the natural needs. 

​​I've been sharing my vision with others for the past 20 years that if given a chance my organization can end gun violence in America. I've been mock, ridiculed, and called all sorts of names accept a child of God. In 2010, I decided to take my story public in hopes of generating enough revenue and support of others to start working on the major projects that I speak of in my book. I've created online groups and encourage those on my friends list to exchange numbers or email with me so that in case my page is shut down we can still have access to one another. Only a faithful few have heed my suggestions. The evidence is clear the current way of thinking is not working. ​​ ​​I will not sit back and allow the senseless violence to continue on my watch this is why I am focusing on starting my child daycare to get my foot back into the community.

Once I earn enough revenue from my business I will only hire my clients and my members (those who live outside of the hood or Chicago). Once GRCAM come to power you don't have to pay taxes. Once GRCAM come to power we will do cooperative alliance with the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Once GRCAM come to power anyone found guilty in the court of law of a gun crime we will strip that person U.S. citizenship and have that person or persons deported to the North pole to send a strong message to urban terrorist that enough is enough. One mind one voice GRCAM in the making. ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

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