Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Seeking Serious Community Builders 2 Work With Me Directly"

Dear friends & associates

Come join my online groups and interact with me and my supporters from all over the country. Membership is free and all I ask is that you keep the lines of communication open with me. The Benefits are as follows: I share my free online resources in the form of assisting you with finding college scholarships / grants; small business grants; housing info; employment in your state; legal services step by step for you and your immediate family. I screen everyone to weed out trouble makers. I prefer if we exchange numbers so that I can speak with you directly but if you prefer to hide behind a computer screen I will respect that but you will have to answer several questions that I will email you before allowing you to join my online groups.

My purpose of doing all of this is to recruit my administrative staff first to come here to Chicago and assist me in getting my organization up and running in the inner city ghettos of Chicago. I already have my bank and credit unions on standby but I want every person to purchase my book first before they join this organization especially those who are going to be part of my leadership. Everyone must agree to the principles I layout in the book no exceptions. I operate a little different than the next man I want all of us to be on one accord and my organization is for both Christians and Non-Christians once I have a place to business I will unite all parties and once my organization stabilize our community then we will move to the next agenda and that is working with other communities that has assisted our agenda and eventually push for full fledge Democratic Socialism our last struggle for the nation.

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