Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Gathering My Supporters 4 A Common Cause Starting In Chicago"

Dear friends & associates,

Twenty ten is almost over and it's my hope to get my organization management aspect started. Those of you who have exchanged e-mails with me have an advantage because you have my contact number; links to my online groups; and links to my online book stores. Before I take out any loans I want my supporters in place and for them to do their part for the
enbetterment of our people and our community. Interact with me directly and if possible come to Chicago and be apart of the decision making process. If you know of anyone who lives in Chicago that is honest and trust worthy and would be interested in joining this organization then by all means
share my information with them not my number until I know whom I am interacting with.

I want those of you who can to purchase my book so that with the proceeds I would not have to borrow a large amount of credit. If you agree with the principles behind this organization then I can work with you and you can be part of my advisory board or part of my administrative team, either way I would love to hear from you whether by phone or e-mail. I don't operate like the next man, meaning this won't be a one sided friendship/ professional relationship for those who accept my hand of friendship and keep the lines of communication open with me I will share my online services "assisting others with finding college scholarships/grants; small business grants; affordable housing; legal services; and employment all free of charge just another benefit I share with those who accept me" as well as assisting your immediate family members for life and that's real.

For those of you who careless about the issues facing our brothers and sisters that are trapped in American ghettos don't join my groups, don't buy my book, and delete me from your friends list we can remain strangers and keep it moving. Now for those of you who did not exchange e-mails with me you can contact me from my G mail which is listed in my book.

Here's the online book stores that carries my book as well as various prices please choose the best book store that fit your budget.

Xlibris -

Amazon -

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My Organization:

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