Tuesday, September 7, 2010

(Message To Generation Y)

I cannot wait on my generation to decide whether to jump on board and assist me in making my vision into a reality. After all my organization is for your generation and your children’s generation. If you have a two year degree or above or if you believe that you have something to bring to the table than I want to hear from you. You can help me run this organization and become part of my administrative team. All you have to do is purchase my book and if you agree with all of the principles just send me a message include your first name, the state you live in and a contact number for me to reach you. If you are able to travel then you can meet me in person and together we will brainstorm how best to get this thing started. I have my bank and my credit union on standby all I lack now is those talent individuals to join my leadership.

I stand alone holding on to the principles that my creator has given me to share with those who will accept the principles I layout in my book. This is why I created so many groups online to unite all my friends and associates to come here to Chicago to assist me in making my vision into a reality. I want to Reclaim my former community from poverty and senseless violence. I want to Rebuild my former community buy creating jobs in the hood and starting small businesses to improve the quality of life for those who seek legitimate employment and Restore honor among our people that we can all become on one accord for the sake of our children, our community, and our people as a whole this is what I want to be remembered for. Passing down an organization that is Black owned and is for the community. Also an organization that is open to all walks of life open to all racial groups and is relevant to this day and age. To learn more about The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement check out my site at:

Here's the online book stores that carry my book as well as various prices please choose the best book store that fit your budget. Staying true to the cause peace and blessings.

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