Tuesday, October 2, 2012

(Who Benefits From The Murder OF Our Children?)

The same people who I stand against black capitalist, the financial elites, and urban terrorist. This year I have completed my revised book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” thanks in part to my small advisory board members who are dedicated in helping me get my revised book publish. We read through the (LMP) which is the Literary Market Place as well as the Writer’s Market. We sent out query letters and book proposals to over 300 agencies. We got 250 rejection letters and most of them said in their letter that they won’t think my book will sell. In my book I provide a road map to end gun violence, poverty, and structural inequality in Urban America and in America in general. I wrote my auto biography as a result of not getting any support from established black organizations or any black churches in Chicago. I challenge every preacher with such titles as Apostles, Bishops, Clergy, Elders, Evangelist, Ministers, Pastors, Prophets/ Prophetess including Imams in the United States that my organization can end gun violence if given a chance.

I want the church/ the mosque to first read my book the entire book and if you agree then let’s talk and work with me directly in getting GRCAM started in Chicago first then in 25 other cities and states in America. I seek All Christian denominations both large “with titles” and small “without titles” I seek Muslims both large and small but regardless I only want to speak with those who agree with my vision and all the principles in my book no exceptions. My secular friends who doubt the existence of a God you can also play a role by given me a chance to allow my creator to work this miracle. You have a right not to believe that’s your choice and my spiritual component is optional for you. All I ask is that you purchase my book and read the entire book. If you agree with my vision and all of the principles then let’s talk and work with me directly in getting GRCAM started in Chicago first then in 25 other cities and states in America.

As I mentioned in my revised book which is more clear the only people that benefit are funeral homes, gun dealers, the penal system, and liquor stores. In order for GRCAM to become established I need to generate revenue/seed money to start my organization and to offer incentives to talented individuals that will help me make GRCAM effective and successful for years to come. GRCAM will be a private black own service base business to serve the low income African American community. We will use my book in our business and do cooperative alliances with other organizations beyond the black community. In GRCAM we as people black will deal head on with the Willie Lynch mentality. All racial groups and ordinary law abiding citizens are welcome to join us but everyone must sign a consent form because anyone can talk the talk in GRCAM we will solve our social problems once and for all. We will deal with Rogue Cops and Urban Terrorist in a constructive manner through our political component. I am called to lead this fight because God is concerned about what happens to the most vulnerable in our society, and my creator has called me to start our own political party at the local level created by the people for the people not something imposed on us by the power that be “the financial elites.” Real Christian Socialist on the scene peace & blessings

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