Sunday, October 28, 2012

(My African Connection)

Attention: All native Africans on my friends list I need you all to stand with me by purchasing my revised book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” Second Edition when it becomes available to the general public. Most native Africans that I am friends with in real life suggest that I should forget about trying to help Black Americans but instead start my organization in Africa where I will get more support. I tell them that I am a Black American and that my creator wants me to first help my people that are trapped in American ghettos. Those are the same communities which I came from.

Although we have our first Black President Barack Obama I’m not impress because we are still under the same system that have enslaved our people still to this day. I am calling upon all Christians, Muslims, and Secular Africans that have family or friends in America, Canada, and Europe to tell them what I am trying to do for our people worldwide to read my story and to help me start my organization in America. As soon as I get my organization established in my city then I will be looking to sponsor some of you on my friends list to come to America and help me run this organization. Out of 125,000 people on my friends list I only have three people actually working with me that’s not acceptable this is why I went public with my story to find the best and brightest people in America to come to Chicago Illinois and help me start the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. Although I can’t trace back my actual tribe I came from I am still a member of the Negroid race. A majority of people on my page are there just to be seen. Black Americans today have become Americanized and that’s what’s hurting us as a racial group. I have no support from any established black organizations in my city nor do I have any black churches willing to stand with me because they are afraid to lose their 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status from the financial elites. Black capitalist refuse to rent rental space to me in order for me to have a place of business in the low income community because they view me as a potential competitor. The black church view me as a small fry which is a small person in their eyes without any political clout in other words an unimportant person. No community organization, no preacher, and no politician, have the answer on how to end gun violence, poverty, and structural inequality in Urban America and in America in general I do. I provide a road map in detail on how this can be done yet I am still taken as a joke. I disagree with Marcus Garvey that the solution for Black Americans is to return back to Africa and that all of our problems will be solved because Africa is not own by native Africans it’s own by European Capitalist I discuss that in my book in detail.

What my organization will bring to Africa is agricultural technology so that native Africans can feed themselves. A new perspective on neo colonialism and neo imperialism and what to do about it. Create homes for my clients and members not shanties or squatter settlements. I come not to impose American values but to enhance African values through egalitarianism. I plan on establishing GRCAM in all parts of Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean Islands but I can’t do this alone I need natives in those countries to interact with me by joining my free online groups and network with my true supporters from around the globe. I have started holding online conferences on Yahoo Messenger in order to get acquaint with everyone on my friends list and to be a blessing. I am not on here just to sell my book but to encourage others to join my organization and my online groups. Remember I am gifted in the area of research I can find anything in print. I assist others who have accepted my hand of friendship with finding college scholarships - grants, small business grants; housing; legal services and employment on a national level all for free.

I believe that my first book was sabotage deliberately in order to hurt my creditability and to make me look unprofessional. That’s why I chose another self publishing company called Createspace and my second book will be available within 6 to 8 weeks God willing. To learn more about me, my book and my organization just read my blog entry entitled “Who is Emmanuel Barbee and what is GRCAM?” Those on my page that disagree with vision please delete me off your friends list and we can remain strangers for life I won’t kiss up or bow down to another that will die like me. No man or woman on earth will change my vision that my creator has given me to share with the general public. I come not to improve the current system “capitalism” but instead to offer an alternative GRCAM. GRCAM is a private organization open to all racial groups and all law abiding citizens. No criminals, No gangs, and No half steppers allowed this is a democratic socialist organization. Everyone must agree with my vision and all of the principles in my book no exceptions. Real Christian Socialist seeking real brothers, sisters, and others to help me run this organization starting in Chicago.

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