Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 The Year OF Reposition

Dear cyber friends and associates

I am requesting everyone on my friends list to read my new book "The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, and Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America." This book is an auto-biography about my experience growing up in the inner city of Chicago ghettos. I also wrote this book to promote my new organization "The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement" It has three main components: social service component, spiritual component, and political component. I embrace my dyslexia as a gift from my creator. I am not a shame of my story for he has given me the answer on how to end gun violence, poverty, and structural inequality in America and I can prove it once I have 30 people in the United State on my board of directors or on my advisory board.

The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute will be our alternative school. We will offer four classes an acting class, journalism, oil painting, and a music workshop. In addition, We will offer onsite child daycare. In time GRCAM will grow into a corporation and we will own our own real estate company and provide private schools and housing for our clients and members as well as own groceries stores that will provide jobs for our people. Unlike other organizations that do a partial part of addressing the issue we will focus on the entire black family from infants to senior citizens that reside in the hood/black ghetto. We will work directly with single black mothers and single black fathers and provide them with the resources such as job training, child daycare and if we have any job openings we would hire them. Our goal is to first stabilize the community by our outreach programs and create legitimate jobs in the hood so that our clients can raise their family in a safe environment particularly those who are trapped in American ghettos. We will also start our own political party at the local level “Democratic Socialist Party” they will focus on changing the current gun laws. After you have read the entire book and agree with my vision and all of the principles in the book I ask those of you who may have questions to send me your name and contact number to my facebook inbox. If you are not comfortable with exchanging numbers than send me your Yahoo email and we can chat live on Yahoo Messenger or on Skype.

I am proud to announce that I have three potential advisory board members. I still prefer 30 people to help me run GRCAM It’s a start and way over due 20 years in the making. Some of you may wonder why should I care about joining GRCAM when the focus is on low income blacks that reside in the black ghettos? You should care because those people are our people and that’s where I came from I am not a shame of my roots. I seek my middle class brothers and sisters because you have the professionals I need to help make GRCAM successful. Our history is unique to other groups in this country. My message is for ordinary brothers, sisters, and others. In GRCAM everyone will have a voice and I want to build personal relationships with all my clients and members to make sure that you all don’t have to go through the humiliation I went through in order to get GRCAM up and running for the sake our people. GRCAM is a private organization and I require absolute dedication from all under my leadership. My objective is to reach and teach our young black men how to create legitimate businesses and how to channel their anger into something constructive.

GRCAM is also about uniting middle class blacks, working class blacks, and under class blacks as well as others who want to advance our cause (Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos). We will fulfill Dr. Kings dream to end poverty and structural inequality in America. GRCAM is open to all law abiding citizens but our objective is on delivering goods and services in the black community and working directly with single black mothers and single black fathers. We will teach our clients and members the importance of teamwork, mutual respect, integrity and commitment. We will also speak out against the financial elites and urban terrorist that threatens the peace and stability in our community.

The financial elites want us to remain divided that’s why they allowed some blacks to become middle class and move out of the ghettos in order to keep us divided by social class. We are also further divided by religion and denomination. GRCAM will solve all of our social problems once and for all if given a chance. Most of our people are still caught up in the 60’s struggles claiming Black Power. Yet today I only have three black people willing to stand with me to make GRCAM into a reality. I am pushing for a new Black America that will focus on creating our own political party at the local level and changing the current gun laws so that our people that are trapped in American ghettos can raise their families with dignity and in peace. In order to under GRCAM you must understand me for GRCAM is an extension of me.

In GRCAM we will separate the fake from the real by a person’s action in this new movement. January thirty first will be my Birthday. What I want for my Birthday is for everyone on my friends list to purchase my book and read the entire book. If you agree with my vision and all of the principles in chapter ten then I want you to join my yahoo group entitled the Grassroots Community Activist Group. If you are unable to afford the book I suggest that you read all of my blog entries and encourage your family members and friends that care about black issues to purchase my book and connect with me in my online groups. Those of you who are not interested delete me off your friends list we can remain strangers. I want everyone that is serious about making a difference in the lives of our people to interact with me by sending me your name and contact number to my facebook inbox.

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