Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Gift To You And Our People GRCAM

First I would like to wish all of my cyber  friends and associates a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I encourage you all to help me make GRCAM into a reality by purchasing my book and encourage all of your family, friends and associates who care about black issues to read my book too. Those of you who belong to book clubs, encourage your book club to read my book. Those of you who have access to movie producers encourage them to read my story and contact me on Facebook.

My message to my native Chicagoans, interact with me directly either by sending me your contact number or your Yahoo email address to my facebook inbox so that we can chat live on Yahoo Messenger or on Skype. My screen name is manwell4mankind. In contrast, My message to my friends, associates, and supporters outside of the Chicago Land area help me start GRCAM chapters in your city so that when we finally get up and running it would be easier for us to establish a presence in your city and state. My message to my friends in Africa and the Caribbean Islands I need for you to encourage your family members or your friends from your country that is in the United States to read my book and if they agree with my vision than encourage them to send me a friend request on Facebook along with their contact number so that I can speak with them directly.

I want my foreign friends to join my board of directors and after we have set up chapters in twenty five states I will have those same individuals to assist me in expanding GRCAM in your country so that we can have the muscle to make it happen. You all don’t have to wait until I have a physical building you can join my free online groups I provided below and spread the word about my cause and what I am trying to do for our people. I am not a wealthy man as of yet I am still working on it but for the meantime let’s do what we can to get the message out about GRCAM and encourage those who can afford to purchase my book so that I can generate revenue to start on the major projects I speak of in the book. Without black support my vision is meaningless and the senseless violence will continue for the next 100 years. In God’s word Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”

Finally, GRCAM is like no other organization in America. If given a chance, GRCAM will end gun violence, poverty, and structural inequality in America. GRCAM will present an alternative system in the area of economics, social, and political. Those of you who want to help me manage GRCAM I need you on my board of directors or my advisory board to come meet me in person and work with me directly so that others can take our cause seriously. I need my middle class black professionals to help me run this organization for the sake our people. The ultimate goal I have is to create a “New Black America” where we can unite our middle class, working class and our underclass brothers and sisters as well as other racial groups who want to help us advance our cause to create legitimate jobs for our people that are trapped in American ghettos. I want GRCAM to work directly with the black community and the black family. I want to see every person in GRCAM reach their life goals by interacting and participating in this new movement. This is my contribution back to my community and my people.

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