Monday, August 22, 2011

New UrbanAuthor And New Hood Visionary Mr. Emmanuel Barbee

Attention All Entrepreneurs

I want to make my city of Chicago a model to start up my business The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement and in time expand to every city in America and move aboard to Africa and the Caribbean Islands. The benefits to joining GRCAM is that you will become part of history and If you are a start up business I will share my resources with you remember I am on 300 social networks and I will encourage my cyber friends/ supporters 125,000 to be exact to check out your business. Plus you will have direct access to me if you exchange numbers with me.

Those of you who have Skype you can interact with me on their too just send me friend request along with your name my handle is (manwell4mankind) just because I have no one in Chicago on my board of directors nor a physical build to conduct business don't mean jack that's not going to stop my vision. If a CEO from Wall Street offer me 5 million dollars to stop writing my political views & books I will tell him to go to hell principles over money. This is what my creator has given me to do. I bring new perspective and a new political system. My master was sold out for 30 pieces of silver. No man nor woman on this planet will change my focus for I am deep rooted it runs in my DNA.

I am here 2 fulfill Dr.King's dream 2 end poverty and structural inequality in America. As a result now I am on the global tip spreading my vision recruiting others 2 join my cause and pushing my book. Please read my story first than decide if this organization is something you want to be a part of. Also I highly recommend that you go to your public library and check out the documentary called The End Of Poverty. They discuss issues which I speak on in my book it coincide with my views. Their focus is on global poverty & my focus is on poverty in Black America. We both agree that capitalism is the root cause. Please connect with me on my Facebook page and when you feel more comfortable with me let's exchange numbers I want to connect with everyone on my page and be a blessing to all that enter my life. Love Peace & Blessings

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