Thursday, August 19, 2010

Join The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement Today

* The purpose of this movement is for me to first recruit reasonable brothers, sisters, and others that are professionals and are able to assist me in getting my organization up and running in Chicago first then in every ghetto in America. It’s not about me it’s about our children who are being left behind and our low income communities that are being exploit by politicians and the media. I can’t find anyone in my city that will do a partnership with me that’s not the community fault. I want to be able to deliver all the things I mention in my book to those under my leadership. If we don’t help our own who will? My higher power has given me the road map on how to end poverty in America, how to end gun violence in America, and how to end structural inequality once and for all. Now I am waiting on those of you who will help me in making my vision into a reality.

* We will prove to those that are trapped in American Ghettos that we care about them and will do our part in creating jobs in the hood.

* We would create a national coalition to address the need by those who lack political voice.

* We will allow ordinary citizens to network with others from other communities and to stand with or fight for equal resources that their community lacks.

* We will challenge Democrat – Republican Party rule of politics.

* You will have direct access to me as well as have a sit at the table meaning if you want you can be part of my administrative team.

* My organization is open to all racial groups, spiritual and religious community, as well as the secular community.

* This is an authentic black organization we pick up where The Civil Right’s Movement ended “The Poor People’s Campaign” No criminals, No active gang members, No half steppers.

* Our aim is to educate the community about violent prevention and provide resources to single black mothers and single black fathers. We also will provide a second chance for ex-felons and provide them with employment as well as at-risk youths.

* All I ask is that everyone agree to the principles I lay out in my book entitled “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, and Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America.” You can get my book in all major book stores just give them the title and the ISBN Hardcover
978-1-4500-4111-9,Softcover 978-1-4500-4110-2, Ebook 978-1-4500-4112-6,

If you are unable to afford the book please read all of my journal entries and if you agree make yourself known to me by sending me your first name and a contact number to reach you. Or by joining one of my online groups one for Christians “ Light OF The World Inspirational Group” or my political group for Non-Christians “Community Activist Group” This is my contribution back to my community and my people. (The heart of the movement)

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