Thursday, January 31, 2008

Applying The Principles OF Dr. King For The 21st Century

The reason why "Light of The World Inspirational

Group" was created is because God gave me a

vision to create a spiritual group online for

ordinary Black People within our community, where we

can share our experiences and ideas with others

across the country and come up with effective ways to

solve our problems by using the word of God as our

main source. Just like Peter and Paul in the book of

Corinthians's chapter one starting at verse ten Peter

and Paul both received a word of the Lord one was

geared for the Jews and the other was geared toward

the gentiles. Like wise, I've been commission by The

Lord to share the vision to The Black Community.

once we take back our community from the enemy then

this can be a model that other communities in America

can go by. We all want safer neighborhoods to raise

our children. But if we as a people don't do anything

to change our current situation how do you expect for

change to occur? According to God's word he states

that my people parish for the lack of knowledge.

All of us, regardless of socio-economics deserve to

live in a violent free community. Before we can

prepare our children to become responsible adults

and share with them the knowledge and skills to

compete we must first provide a safe environment for

them and unify our community nationwide. In time I

hope and pray that we could emulate part of the Asian

American community. The reason why I focus so much on

The Black Community is because we need healing. It's

people like us who can make a difference in the

outcome of our community. It took brave Brothers and

Sisters to stand up against the injustice during the

sixties now we have our freedom but so many of use

choose a life of crime. We must reject that slave

mentality and stop blaiming others all the time. just

because there is drugs in the community does not mean

we have to buy them. Our group is pro-action, pro-

active, and pro-vision. The goal of this group is to

show you/us that each of us has the power and the

responsibility to make choices that will steer our

lives in the directions we want. Each of us should be

mindful of the choices we make, as well as how we

interact with the world around us. This is not a

social group it's a prayer group. The group is based

on discussions and real life activities. My group

equips participants by empowering them which gives us

the ability to make decisions that will enable us to

improve our neighborhoods and our lives by having a

virtual town hall meetings. This is the beginning of

a learning experience we have chosen to share. We can

waste it. or capitalize on it. But it is important

because of what we are exchanging for it. When this

experience is over, the time will be gone;leaving in

its place business as usual. Together we can make

gains not loss, good not evil, success not failure.

The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day

regarding what we are going to do about our

community. We can not change our past, we can not

change the fact that people will behave a certain way.

The only thing we can do that is pray to God to touch

our people and for us to change what we can now so

that we make a better tomorrow for our children.

God is ready to help us we just need to take action

and he will do the rest. Please join my spiritual

group and participate in our group discussions and

use our resources to improve your community or your

personal life.

In closing, our Father and our God I just want to

first thank you for choosing me to lead this group

and the great task we are about to do. Thank you for

those who have already joined this group and for those

who are going to join in the future. Satan I demand

you to release our community across this country in

Jesus name. Lord touch each person who is reading this

message and encourage them to spread this message with

there family and friends. Let them know that this is

not a gimmick but authentic. Let them see that you

are still in control and you can still perform

miracles. Let them understand that this group is by

no means a substitute for church but act as an

enhancement to advance your kingdom online. Allow

them to understand that this group has purpose. Lord

I thank you for what you have already done for our

people and what you are about to do for us again.

Heavenly Father before I close please send me God

fearing Black Men to join me in this battle for hearts

and minds and for us to win back our communities

in Jesus name Amen.

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