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(The Solution To End Urban Violence Is GRCAM)

Last night I tried to chat with a few people on my friends list, they claimed that they don’t know me. I've been trying to connect with everyone on my friends list that's why I hold online conferences and also that’s why I created online groups to gather all of my supporters in order for them to interact among one another I have nothing to hide.  I am doing my best to promote my book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” Second Edition in order to generate capital so that I can attract thirty people within the state of Illinois or beyond who have read my book and agree with my plan to improve Urban America, for those individuals to come to Chicago and work with me directly in starting my organization (GRCAM) the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement.
The main reason why I wrote my book is because I have no established black organizations in my city willing to work with me nor do I have any churches in my city willing to stand with me in regards to my cause Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghetto’s. I refuse to kiss up, lick up, or bow down to another who will die just like me. No man or woman on earth will change the vision my creator has given me to do.  I am a college graduate a law abiding citizen and a Christian Socialist there is no excuse why black people in my city are not involved with what I am trying to do for our people. Twenty two years I have tried to get others in my city to work with me.  I don’t ask for any donations all I ask is that you are in agree with my vision if not we can remain strangers for life this is where I take a stand.

My book is only $22.50 plus tax you pay more for most college textbooks. By purchasing my book you are sending a message to criminals and urban terrorist that a new day has come to Urban America. For everything that I have written in my book shall be carried out to the fullest.  Anyone that disagree with my vision please send me a message to by facebook inbox you can still use my web journal to find such things as college scholarships/grants; nonprofit grants; small business grants; housing; legal services and employment on a national level all for free but you will be deleted off my friends list and we will remain strangers for life.

I want to make my city a model first before we expand to other cities. My organization will serve the Austin community, Garfield Park community, and North Lawndale community on the Westside of Chicago. Once we’re established on the Westside we will expand to the Southside of Chicago to unite our community and our people. Once we are established in Chicago we will expand to 25 other cities within 25 states as mentioned in my book and below:  

Alabama; Arkansas; California; Connecticut; Florida; Georgia; Illinois; Indiana; Kansas; Louisiana; Maryland; Michigan; Minnesota; Mississippi; North Carolina; New Jersey; New York; Ohio; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; Texas; Tennessee; Virginia; Washington; and Wisconsin.  Once we’re established in 25 states we will expand abroad to Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean Islands to people that want and need our services.  For in my organization we won’t do a lot of preaching but instead a lot of teaching and hands on.  In my organization we as a people will confront and heal from the Willie Lynch Mentality which is destroying us as a racial group.  I don’t operate like the next man I have my own style and way of doing things.  My organization will end gun violence poverty, and structural inequality within the communities and cities we will serve if given a chance.

We will offer private employment within the organization to our clients and members based on our budget and our sponsorship. Currently there is only three people who is actually working with me directly out of 125,000 people whom I correspond with on 300 social networks this is unacceptable Black America!  People have a nerve to ask me what is taking me so long to start my organization? Me and my advisory board will do our best and pooling our little resources together in order to generate capital long with the proceeds from my book sell to start my private school The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute by this coming fall.  It’s my hope that my book will someday be in book stores and eventually on the best seller list. It’s also my hope that I can someday turn my book into a movie so that the whole world would know my story and what I have been trying to do for my community and for our racial group for the longest.  

For GRCAM is much more than just a new movement in Black America it’s also a new system one in which this world has never seen.  A religious person would say
Jesus is the only solution!  I would reply that is correct but it was he whom gave me this vision for religious people are the main one who is blocking me from passing out fliers about my book after church service. Religious people refuse to allow me to speak to the congregation about my vision. Religious people had Jesus to be put to death.
Jesus was a revolutionary because of his preaching in those days. He became a threat to the political and religious establishment because he wanted people to focus on God first and the kingdom. In the book of Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” We can see in the book of John 10:24-39 and in the book of Mark 11:27-28. The gospels relentlessly portray Jesus opponents the chief priests, scribes, elders, Pharisees, and Sadducees as religious people who conspired to have him killed.

The only sources we have for who killed Jesus are the four Gospels: Mark 14-15, Matthew 26-27, Luke 22-23, and John 18-19. The four accounts agree on many basic points. They tell us that Jesus was arrested, underwent two hearings or trials, was sentenced to death by crucifixion, and died on the cross. The Jews who took the initiative in this proceeding were not the only opponents of Jesus during his public ministry (the Pharisees) but also the high priest, the chief priests and the elders those who had more at stake in running of the Temple and keeping the peace of Jerusalem. According to Mark 14:53-65, there were two charges made against Jesus: He threatened to destroy the Temple (14:58) and claimed to be “the Messiah.” Although the first charge is denied and the second charge is given an interpretation there was surely something to these charges.

Jesus’ threat against the Temple fits with his symbolic prophetic action in “cleansing” the Temple (Mark 11:15-19) and his prophecies about the Temple’s destruction (Mark 13:1-2). For Jewish leaders and merchants whose livelihood depended on the smooth running of the Temple, the slightest threat against the Temple would have been taken very seriously. Moreover, Jesus claiming to be “the Messiah” would surely have set off alarms not only among the Romans but also among the Jewish leaders. Both viewed Jesus as another religious-political messianic pretender who had to be dealt with quickly. The kind of language being used about Jesus in some circles alerted them to the danger that he might pose to their power and to the status quo. The Gospels suggest that the Jewish leaders were the prime movers, and that the Romans only ratified their decision. Although Jewish leaders were involved, the main legal formalities were carried out by the Romans. Jesus was killed “under Pontius Pilate,” and the Jewish authorities in Jerusalem played a role in getting Jesus killed (the chief priests and elders). In Matthew 27:25 “His blood be upon us and upon our children” is best taken as referring to the crowd manipulated by the leaders of Jerusalem. Jesus died in accord with the Scriptures as the expression of God’s will (Matthew). Jesus died a sacrificial death for us and for our sins (Mark, Paul, and Hebrews). Jesus in his death gave us an example of fidelity in suffering (Luke). Jesus’ death was part of his revelation of God and of his glorious return to the Father (John), and the pledge of his second coming (Revelation).

In contrast, I am a Christian Socialist. A Christian socialist is a form of socialism based on the teachings of Jesus. Many Christian socialists believe that capitalism is idolatrous and rooted in greed, social inequality, and institutionalized racism which most Christian denominations consider a mortal sin.  I am also a social entrepreneur. A social entrepreneur are people who tries to solve social, cultural, and environmental issues. Some of my Christian friends ask me why do I include secular people on my friends list? I explain to them that we as Christians should focus on what we stand for: love, compassion, social justice, and liberation theology. Jesus commanded us to be a witness to others not just for us to read his word, but to activate social change in the world according to Luke 4:18-19. My organization is open to all ordinary law abiding citizens, all racial groups, and undiscovered artist but everyone must agree with all of the principles in my book no exceptions. GRCAM represents the kingdom of light for God hate sin and I hate capitalism. This is my contribution back to my community and throughout the African Diaspora. Real Christian Socialist Online

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