Tuesday, May 28, 2013

(My Book Review)

Book Review: “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” Second Edition by Rena C.

“What an awesome work the Lord did in this author, because he is a prolific first time writer to write such a outstanding book filled with an array of knowledge! Emmanuel Barbee's book is proficiently titled, because he conveys and expresses in very powerful motivating exciting interesting enlightening captivating well written descriptive words throughout the book to inform an audience all ages and diversities. This book rivets with knowledgeable information on all he wants to do for the people in the inner cities of America, mainly for our children! He outlines and details all he has to do from A to Z, and this book is a method to recruit talented people to work with him in his future organization, GRCAM! He has a passion for our children's future to change and make things different according to the vision God implanted in him! God is using this book to shine light into all the darkness that's happening in the inner cities! Barbee paints a colorful picture of all the Lord has gifted him to do in this book. His plans are very insightful detailed oriented engaging thought out which highlights his experiences from a child to an adult growing up in the ghettoes of Chicago. His mind is focused on the past, present and future in this book.
The Lord is using this willing vessel, and he is an instrument proclaiming his love for God with many passages in the book! His life and future business is based on God's will! He addresses life in the jungle of the ghetto with very edgy hardcore down to earth truthful testimony. This visionary's vision is prophetic, and it has never been done before which makes it unique different and one of a kind. He offers a solution to end gun violence in the ghettoes, and he addressed all the issues concerning the plight of African Americans through the vision God equipped him with also how to how to help in those communities by collectively educating and instilling godly values like faith, godly pride, respect, love and responsibility. You can feel his passion for wanting to return and help those, who are facing the same dilemma and worse like he once did! He’s blessed to be a survivor, and he lives a criminal free positive life as a citizen! He’s calling on African Americans and all people to join him in a making the ghettoes a safe haven of positivity and ridding it of all negativity in the near future by purchasing the book, agreeing with the principles and helping in his future business. The book is worth every dollar, so he can start his organization, GRCAM to save our future from senseless violence. This book is resourceful, and it opened my mind and educated me with a wealth of information which you must read to find out. A must have book, and it should be offered as a study tool in high schools and universities.”

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