Monday, July 26, 2010

(Message 2 My Critics)

Dear friends & assocaites

one of the preachers from the church I attend refuse to do a partnership with me as it pertain to my organization. I gave him a free copy of my book and this is what he said to the congregation Jesus is the solution and that the only way to solve this senseless violence is by Fasting and praying. I am willing to share credit with those helping me but you have most preachers nowadays with big egos and if they are not in front and center then they don't want to fool with you. This I believe is why the Lord has allowed me to shift my position from being a nonprofit to becoming for profit. As long as we fall into endless debate what's organization is doing what it distraction us from the real issue at hand which is how to effective stop the senseless violence and innocent victims caught in the middle. If we don't fight for our own who will?

Yes I agree Jesus is the solution but this is the vision that he gave me to do. I am given authority over my organization from above. Our own People would rather knock me for trying to start a new movement in Black America. Some are trying to label me as a cult leader others say that I am discriminating against certain people like gang members, criminals, and half steppers. If they purchased my book I mentioned that I will accept former gang members, ex-felons who are truly remorseful and have turned from their ways, and those who are dedicate to the cause. The bottom line I am just trying to find the best people online to help me get my organization up and running and meeting the needs to those trapped in American ghettos by creating legitimate businesses in the hood and finding investors to fund my organization in every ghetto in America. Finally I will encourage my members to run for political office as independant socialist candiates.

My job is to find reasonable brothers, sisters, and others who have special gifts and if they have a degree that's a plus but in order for me to start this journey I need to network with honest law abiding citizens for the legitimacy of this movement. I have no one at all in my city working with me. The Lord has given me a great vision that will change the current situation in this country. I use our own history as an example of how we as a people uplifted ourselves against the face of slavery and racism. I studied Reconstruction era how our people work together to rebuild our community. I studied The Civil Rights Movement last battle which was the poor peoples campaign.

My job is to complete this task by giving those who are trapped in American ghettos a chance to live with dignity and respect. To end gun violence in America, to end poverty in America and to end structural inequality once a for all. If you read my book you would understand that I give our Lord and savior all the glory for given me this great task. I will not compromise the principles that The Lord has placed in my heart in terms of how to run this organization. I would like to encourage those of you on Facebook to join my cause called "Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos." My Facebook page