Sunday, March 1, 2009

All Talk Plus Action = Manwell

Hello, my new comers.

My name is Emmanuel aka Manwell. Here's the deal I am in the process of writing and

publishing a book that can and will change the outcome in the Black Community for years to

come. Everybody has a ghetto story but few have the answer to solve all of the problems facing

our community today. I'm not a politician, I'm not a lawyer, nor am I a doctor. I am a Christian

and I am here to spread my message to Black America about what God has told me to

write "The Solution To Black America Reclaiming, Rebuilding, and Restoring The Urban Ghettos

In America" My message is not for all Black People ask me why? Because everyone that has

African American features does not necessary means that are for uplifting our people. My

message is not for uppity Blacks, nor over religious folks. My message is only for those who are

part of the solution or who want to be apart of the solution. My message is to not limited to a

lectures but instead to provide jobs to the street walker in order to give them back there dignity.

My message is also for the street pharmacist to stop selling poison in the hood cause that

contributes to the genocide of our people. In the book I call for "Ghetto Revolution" in a non-

violent way. I talk about the bias in the media and all the negative things we must stand up

against. I call upon The Black Middle Class to join me and the reasons why should. I call for a

"New Hood" for a new generation. My message to the ex-felons that there is room for you in my

organization to teach our youth to stay out of a life of crime. I will hire everyone in the hood if I

could pending on our funding. Yes there are employment agencies in our community but the

question is why is there still high unemployment in the hood? A few may ask me so what are you

going to do for me? The question should be what can we do for one another. In my book I will

explain in detail how we can collective solve our problems and how everybody under my

nonprofit organization can benefit. The reason why I am writing the book instead of just posting

it online is because everyone is not online and I want to reach a broader audience. The Internet

has the ability to unite people for a common cause and that is why I have created

several groups. I'm on online for one reason and one reason only and that is to share my

message to Black Men and Black Women. I offer my services free of charge online. I assist

people in finding grants & scholarships for college, small business grants, affordable housing in

your state, and much more. My myspace page is set to Private cause I have some

acquaintances that have inappropriate pictures that I think under age children should not be

viewing. I am not here to judge but my question is would you like for your son and daughter to

see these images that everyone around the world sees? I am asking all of my female friends to

ask all of your male friends, male relatives, boy friends and husbands to join my online groups. I

want a balance I also would like to interact with everyone. You don't have to join my Yahoo or

Google groups to be cool with me but that would at least give you an opportunity to speak with

my true peeps and know that I am on the up and up with you all. All I ask is that you keep the

lines of communication open with me or delete me bottom line. Here is my web journal

below. In it I explain in full detail what I want from each person and what I am

trying to do for our community across America. Peace & blessings Emmanuel aka Manwell.

My Journal:

Who is Sara Baartman?


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david said...

Hi Manwell,
I liked the way, the post was written. You were honest in writing it and I am happy that you are interested in communicating with many people through online communities.
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william said...

You have a good purpose in spreading the world the word of GOD. Other than going to church i also download free online movies that would remind the word of God for me to be much more enlighten. And my favorite site is and watch them with my family.

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